The Hobbit Script

Baggend (Bilbo Baggin’s house), at night. Bilbo’s dining room, a warm fire is ablaze in the corner fireplace, tables and chairs and are laden with various cakes and crockery ready for an evening meal. Bilbo is busy setting up for dinner.

(Doorbell rings)
Bilbo: I am so sorry to keep you waiting! (Apologetically)
Dwalin: Dwalin at your service! (Bows low)
Bilbo: Bilbo Baggins at yours.
Bilbo: I am just about to take tea; pray come and have some with me. (Politely)
(Doorbell rings)
Bilbo: Excuse me! (Spluttering, opens door)
Bilbo: So you have got here at last!
Balin: I see they have begun to arrive already! (Catching sight of Dwalin)
Balin hops inside and hangs up his coat)
Bilbo: Come along in and have some tea! (After taking a deep breath)
Balin: A little beer would suit me better, if it is all the same to you, my good sir. (Sassy)
Balin: I don’t mind some cake –seed cake- if you have any. (Questioning)
Bilbo: Lots! (Surprised)
(Doorbell rings once again!)
Bilbo: Gandalf for certain this time! (Positively)
Bilbo: What can do for you my dwarves?
Kili: Kili at your service!
Fili: And Fili!
Bilbo: At yours and your familys! (Disappointed)
Kili: Dwalin and Balin are here already, I see.
Kili: Let us join the throng. (Winking)
Bilbo: ‘Throng’! (Thinking out loud)
Bilbo: I don’t like the sound of that! I really must sit down for a minute and collect my wits, and have a drink. (Murmurs)

By Neeve

The Hobbit Script


Baggend, Bilbo’s house, at night. In Bilbo’s dinning room, a roaring fire is ablaze in the corner fire place. Tables, cakes and crockery are ready for the evening meal. Bilbo is sat at the table about to eat a cake.


Bilbo: I’m sorry to keep you waiting. (Happily)

Dwalin: Dwalin at your service! (Bowing)

Bilbo: Bilbo Baggins at yours! I am just about to take tea; pray come and have some.

(There is a knock a the door, Bilbo reaches to open it)

Bilbo: Excuse me, (Opens door) so you’re here at last. (Angrily)

Balin: I see they have begun to arrive already.

Bilbo: Thank you, come along and have some tea. (Happily)

Balin: A little beer would suit me better, if it all the same to you my good sir. I don’t mind some cake-seed-cake if you have any.

Bilbo: Lots Gandalf for certain this time what can I do you my dwarves.

Kili: Kili at your service and Fili. (Bowing)

Bilbo: At yours and your family.

Kili: Dwalin and Balin here already, let us join the throng.

Bilbo: Throng I don’t like the sound of that! the door. (Blinking)

(There is another knock at the door)

Bilbo: Someone at the door!

Fili: Some four, I should say by the sound.



By George, Sam and Natalia


A Slippy Slope

As morning rose in the freezing, snowy town, which was called West Winthorpe, there was a certain breeze, a smell of freshness, a look of beauty, an amazing sight coming from the colossal mighty mountains that were known as The Mystical Mighty Mountains. The Mountains were located on the edge of West Winthorpe.

Next to the (Mystical Mighty) mountains stood a tall, terrific tower called Tyson Towers. The tower was owned by Mr Ryan Tyson, everyone in the town said he was monster and whenever someone for a interview they left in puddles and puddles of tears. His company was a law firm. It didn’t matter if he cared about the case, his client would always win, well they should for the price they pay. The average fee they had to pay was $11,000 and if they didn’t pay (or couldn’t pay) he would hunt them down and make their life a misery. Mr Tyson had lots of names such as Lunatic Lawyer, Raging Ryan, Tyson The Traumatiser and so on but back onto our main story about the mountains. There was something unusual about this certain morning and it was pretty obvious it had something to do with the mountains but what no one realised was that this had something to do with Mr Tyson as well.

It was a ordinary morning the wind was blowing and the air was as cold as it could be but that wasn’t a surprise because it was December and also New Years Eve, and everyone was so excited for all the parties that were going to be held later. It was a mad rush in the town centre. all the shops were just opening up and they already had a gigantic cue outside each shop with a load of eager customers. As no one was on or near the mountains, it provided the perfect opportunity for Mr Tyson to sabotage them.

Now you may be wondering why Mr Tyson wanted to do such a evil thing the answer was this. Previously Mr Tyson had a very wealthy client who needed help with a case (case unknown) and like all the cases Mr Tyson’s client won and his client (Mr Finny) was ever so grateful but there was one problem early the day of the case Mr Finny.

By Taya

Exhilarating adventure

I am always seeking to expand my knowledge of the world so i was very exited when I discovered my football club had won a trip to the Rocky mountains in Canada. The journey took hours and the time difference seemed exhausting but the excitement outweighed that. On the morning of our hike, we had a high protein breakfast to help with our energy levels. We trundled through tough terrain but it was a once in a lifetime experience. That’s snow joke!

by Sam


There once was a man called Boris. He lived in a cottage. His pet shark Dave loved eating people who trespassed on his property. Boris lived in the Peak District. Because Boris lived in the middle of nowhere, he hadn’t  got a car or a local Tesco. This meant he had to grow his own food in his back garden.

Boris noticed a group of hikers climbing up the hill he and his shark lived on. They were being chased by two angry polar bears and a ferret because they had disturbed their hibernation. Boris released an agitated Dave upon the collection of trespassers. Dave flopped down the mountain, scaring the hikers, the polar bears but not the ferret. The hikers and bears rolled back down the hill but the ferret charged. The ferret pulled out its little cutlass and ran towards Dave. Dave and Boris were both shocked. Dave pulled out his cutlass and they had a sword fight in the middle of the freezing winters day. Suddenly, reinforcements arrived. Tens of thousands of ferrets came charging up the hill, each with its own miniature sword. Dave was chopped and sliced and butchered and now only Boris had to be dealt with. But the polar bears had beaten them to it.

The hikers and the polar bears enjoyed a lovely picnic, albeit surrounded with ten thousand ferrets each munching on roasted shark with Smash and garden peas from Boris’ garden.


By Jessica

Race Against Time

It was the fifth day of our expedition on race to the top of Ben Nevis. Our team was called Norbridge Nephews which included myself (Archie – team leader), Jeff (vice captain), Malcolm (age 13), Harry (age 11), Jake (age 11), Ash (age 10) and Spencer (age 10).

We were racing to the finish against the Soldiers of the South, who always win everything.

Today was the toughest so far because we had to go over deep snow and rocks. The further we went the tougher it became, the snow was nearly as deep as Spencer so he had to walk on his tippy toes. When we got to the rocks it was easier to stand up so we could jog up at least.

Unfortunately  for us the Soldiers of the south were just up ahead and we were really tired  so we walked for a bit. But after a few minutes we got are energy back and ran to the finish line. It was neck and neck. So it was a photo finish and by the slimiest of margins we won. The soldiers of the south walked away in shame.

by Archie Slater


There’s no way out of Alaska!

Imagine a place where snow falls like meteors from the sky, where mountains reach for the heavens, where you feel like you can never be heard from again if you are in Alaska: there is such place.

On an ordinary, silent day of the families holiday, Kate was sleeping peacefully in a red, felt throne in the living room of the dark, chocolate-brown log cabin, at the light of a toasty warm,  fire. In the next room (The Master Bedroom), Kate’s Parents were gearing up for a day of hiking. In the last room where the rest of the family slept there were Charlie, Bumper, Bradly, Sarah, Heather and Daisy.

“Wake Up! Come On You Lazy Lot! We Are Going Hiking!” Mum shouted from the top of her voice. As soon as Mum shouted that, everyone sprung up from their beds, like rabbits having a jumping competition. All everyone could hear after that was a lot of yawns coming from every bed room in the cabin. 5 minutes later all of the family were awake and having cereal and toast for breakfast.

“Good morning everyone!” Mum cheerfully said in a high pitched voice while carrying a large map covered in lines, dots and pins, “today we will be going through this valley and up these mountains so I suggest you should put on some warm winter coats, gloves, woolly hats and scarfs.” So they all got dressed and set off into the thick white snow of Alaska.

1 hour later, the family were resting on an icy snowy slope on a mountain. “Mum I’m freezing,” Bumper complained with his cheeks red raw. Kate was nearly collapsing when they set off again. Heather and Daisy were holding hands all the time and Bradley was limping because it was so cold. ” We are nearly there, I think.” Dad shivered in a worried voice. Later a blizzard slowly approached the family and it threw down on the mountain heavily. Soon, one by one, the family fainted as the blizzard grew colder.

When the blizzard stopped, Charlie and Sarah woke up and started waking the rest of the family up. ” Wake Up! Wake Up!” They both started screaming at them as both Charlie and Sarah looked around for a saviour. One after the other, they all stood up and quickly rubbed their faces to  warm their cheeks up. The closest thing that they found to a saviour was a deep, dark, desolate cave in front of them.

As they reached the huge circular door way at the front of the cave, a sound came from deeper in the cave. They thought it was a person. It wasn’t…

By Ruby W

It was getting colder and colder and the snow and the wind was hitting Tom’s face, he was trying to protect his daughter, Fawn, from the harsh weather as they slowly travelled on foot to the top of the mountains where they where going to meet up with Fawn’s mother so they could be together. Fawn’s mother had been working away from the family to earn them some money but it was a long way to travel on foot in the North Pole.

Fawn and her family were Eskimos and this was how they spent their winter, travelling to be together for Christmas.

It was almost night-time and Fawn asked her dad if they could stop and rest. They found a cave which they settled down in for the night. At midnight Fawn woke up to some very strange loud noises. She looked out of the cave to see a polar bear. she quickly woke her dad and they both managed to escape the cave and the big white polar bear. There were more children with their families that heard the noise the polar bears were making and a girl called Kelly was very brave and tried to fight the big white bears off. She was scratched and hurt very badly but was able to frighten the polar bears away from everyone.

The following morning they all set off again to reach the village where Fawn’s mum was. When they arrived, her mother came running over with a big hug for both her husband and daughter.

The village was full of families with young children and they all had their own igloos as homes and plenty of fish and food and water to eat for the Christmas holidays. Life as an Eskimo is a hard life but a happy one.

By Neve

The Other Solar System

I was preparing to leave Earth with my friends Lilly, Tom and Ben. We were off to see the newly discovered​ solar system, our rocket blasted off.

I looked at Earth for the last time. The site was beautiful, you could see the Earth and the Moon. I was surely going to miss it but it was for the best. We were passing Mars and it was so red it was like lava. Next, we saw Jupiter. We couldn’t believe the size of the storms in it’s atmosphere. I was mostly looking at the huge red hurricane​. Saturn’s rings were a site to behold. Uranus and Neptune were so blue they were like giant blueberries​. I gazed upon the solar system for the last time ever. “Goodbye Earth,” I sighed.

I saw the solar system Helios that we had been heading for.

“Look! We should head for that planet over there” I shouted.

It was time to enter our new planet’s atmosphere. The planet was called Terra Nova and would be our new home. Our rocket landed. I was the first to get off the rocket.

“I’m going to miss Earth,” I muttered.

“Everyone is!” Tom complained.

We needed to set up a shelter until we could get a house each. It was only small but it worked. Finally, the houses were built. I missed my family but I couldn’t go back to Earth. I heard something outside so I went to the window to look. The result was terrifying. I saw dark green, three eyed, twisty armed aliens! I didn’t dare go outside so I called Lilly.

“Lilly! Aliens! House!” I shouted worriedly.

“Slow down girl,” she said not realising what I meant, “wait aliens?”, Now she understood.

“Yes! Right outside my house!” I shouted. I look at the creepy monsters again then at the rocket. I need to get to the rocket I thought.

The aliens got in my house. I ran past some but I had to fight or kill the others! I ran to the rocket finding that the others were already in the rocket. An alien grabbed my leg! I panicked. I hit him and he kicked me. I knocked him out and got on the rocket. The aliens were making a chain to reach the rocket.

“A little help here!” I shouted at Ben and Lilly (Tom was flying the rocket.) They helped me with the aliens.

“No, just no” I said just before we left Terra Nova’s atmosphere. Everyone was breathing heavily or so I thought. We left Helios in a hurry. I contacted the boss.

“We found aliens… But they tried to kill us.” I said. We were back on Earth.

I was so happy that we could go back to Earth. No more aliens! I went to my family’s house and knocked on the door. They were shocked. Life was back to normal. But…

By Neve



The Total Rub Out

Dark and beautiful, round and blue, the earth right in front of him. This man travels to space and takes great pictures. He even looks around space finding new things. His name is Tim.

But one day he got bored on the way there so he got some paper and his new blue astronaut pen and started drawing. He drew an alien and coloured it in. Then he snoozed off.

They were finally there.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah” screamed one of the astronauts.

“What is it?” Asked another.

“An alien” he said.

“A what?” said someone else, getting confused.

“A-L-I-E-N. Alien.” He explained.

“Where?” shouted an astronaut.

“It came from that paper.”

Tim knew what he meant so he explained everything and said he can rub it all out. He crept closely to the picture and quickly rubbed it out.

“Yay it’s gone” they all cheered.

Then they had a lovely, peaceful trip.

by Eden